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Introducing Pixalry Giveaways!

We’re really excited to announce that we are hosting a giveaway for a free 11x17 Portal 2 Turret Print by Sam Huckle for one of our awesome followers!

Sam Huckle is a graphic designer from Bristol, U.K. who agreed to donate one of his excellent art prints for this giveaway. Sam specializes in designing great posters based on his favorite video games, such as Portal, Borderlands, and Bioshock. You can check them all out at his Etsy Shop.

Sam is also running a promotion for 30% off all items in his shop. Just use the code APPRECIATION1 when you check out on Etsy.

Click here to enter!

At Mobomo, Wednesdays are for Nerding Out »

Its amazing that I got all my work done yesterday.

And, 3D NyanCat is now on Oculus Rift: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6213850/oculus-bridge-master/examples/nyanculus_rift.html 

AND I got 27 in Flappy Bird.


The best kind of Wednesday is New Toy Wednesday, and at Mobomo we take our toys pret-ty seriously. On this past wet and dreary Wednesday, our CEO toted in a surprise that resulted in glee-filled shrieks rivaling those of any child on Christmas Day. What was that surprise, you ask?



Music Bookmarklet

All the good music player bookmarklets have disappeared in a cloud of 404 errors, so I made my own simple version with no dependencies. Lets see if I can host it here: Music Bookmarklet Drag the bookmarklet into your bookmarks. Load a webpage containing links to mp3 files. Click the bookmark. If it worked, then you’ll see buttons beside the mp3 links. Clicking the buttons will start the music.

Between Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive, I have 35 GB of magically syncing cloudness!